Cyclin’ in the Rain

We’ve already talked about tips for cycling in heavy rain here but now we’ve decided that it’s time to write a little article about everyday cycling in the rain and some of the great pieces of cycling clothing that you can wear to keep yourself dry and comfortable when you’re out and about on your […]

6 Tips For Mountain Biking In Heavy Rain

April showers has been and gone, but being from the UK means heavy rain is only just around the corner, summer or not! There’s nothing we can do to control the weather, so we just have to learn to roll with it and appreciate the beautiful, green nature which it brings about. If you still […]

4 Best Apps For Cyclists

When I think of apps for cyclists MapMyRide comes to mind right away, an app designed to analyse your training and help to improve your performance. However this kind of cycling app isn’t the only one you should keep an eye out for. Here in this article I’ll lay out the best cycling apps that […]

5 Things Your Mechanic Secretly Hates

For many of us our bike becomes a very special thing in our lives, even an extension of our own body! Because of this, it’s easy to become close with the person who handles the maintenance and well-being of our special companion. They welcome you with a smile, listen carefully to your problems and are […]